Digital highjacking is at an all time high. Big corporate companies have been paying ransoms for the exchange of their intellectual property not being leaked to the public. Here are a couple of quick tips that will help you keep your blog, e-store, or web enterprise safe.


SSL Certificates

Imagine theres a bridge that connects two locations. The first location is your computer andthe second location is the server of a website that you are visiting. The path between the two locations can be compromised. Your key strokes when you’re logging in, your credit card information ( any data thats entered ) can be compromised. SSL Certificates create an encrypted tunnel between each location path. SSL certificates keep your information safe as it travels across the bridge! You’ll know when a website have an SSL certificate when you see a green padlock in the address url bar in your browser. SSL certificates are so important that even browser giants like google will display a “non Secure” message to warn visitors that the website they are viewing don’t have this feature.

Content Delivery Network (CDN)

stores your content on multiple servers around the world, which means visitors connect to servers that are physically closer to them. This speeds up your website’s performance by at least 50%.

Malware Monitoring Vs Firewall Technology

Using a 24/7 Monitoring system help keep the overall health of your website in tact. As opposed to simply scanning for malware that may have already infected your site, a Web Application Firewall (WAF) provides around-the-clock, proactive protection to block malware from ever reaching your website.

Don’t wait until something happens to your website before considering these security measures. If you need assistance we can help. We only use state of the art methodologies and precautions to make sure your website and its patrons are safe.

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