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Norman Smith Enterprises

With every great plan there must be a vehicle that will drive results. We help connect the dots and get your brand recognized in various markets.

Norman Smith Enterprises

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Task 1. Connect domain name to store platform – Get the domain information and properly route the domains to the proper hosting platform.

Task 2.  Purchase e-store domain name – (the e-commerce storefront will be placed here) Purchase hosting plan for both urls.

Task 3. Purchase express Website Security | 24/7 Monitoring System Configure security settings. (Firewall | CDN )

Task 4. Purchase 2 Premiere SSL Connect SSL Certificates for both website and e-commerce storefront.

Task 5a. Installation and coding for both e-store and Home site. create roles | connect seeded pro | connect jetpack | Upload custom css | create custom photoshop backgrounds to tie in brand statement and personality.


HOME PAGE – Ad slider across the top – Featured product area – Hot New Products – NSE News – Contact Area

About NSE – Company history and information | message from staff | Company Breakdown –  Figure out NSE unique identity, and then share it with the world.  the “About Us” page is one of the most important pages on the new NSENET website, and it can’t go neglected. It also happens to be one of the most commonly overlooked pages, which is why you should make it stand out.

Shop Now – Will connect to 

Task 6.  Create 20+ Categories Examples: Categories – Baskets | Glass | Ceramics | Silk | brush | Stems | Greens | Wedding Supplies

Task 7. Create Subscription list. Migrate current email addresses Design new Subscription popup for homepage and for blog posts.

Task 8a. Create Blog Management Area –  #Brainstorm Work on content for first blog post. Featured items vs New items Featured Category vs Seasonal items. Do industry research finding topics and trends that floral enthusiast would enjoy reading. Create eye capturing blog content with the correct SEO Keywords and tags and categories that will boost ratings with the browsers.

Task 8b. Create a SWOT Analysis that will be the basis for the new marketing plan include brand identity prism.

Task 9. Integrate Social Media Instagram | Twitter | Facebook – Design banners for facebook and twitter accounts. Link blog post to facebook account. Create online poll to gauge emotional response to new platform

Task 10. Migrate Inventory via .CSV  files. Link photos of merchandise with .CSV files for bulk upload. Pay close attention to color preferences backorder vs preorder. Get copies of both Catalogs  (and Prebooks) maintain high level of accuracy. Migrate 600-700 Products with pictures and descriptions. Make sure that the pictures are light weight jpgs.

Task 11. Before going live double check the inventory against the blue link system

Task 12. Connect the domain url




Norman Smith Enterprises


Brand personality is a set of human characteristics that are attributed to a brand name. A brand personality is something to which the consumer can relate; an effective brand increases its brand equity by having a consistent set of traits that a specific consumer segment enjoys.

  • Physique
  • Personality
  • Culture
  • Relationship
  • Reflection
  • Self-image


These features would only come in effect when a brand will communicate with consumers. According to the professor, a brand will be considered strong if it is capable of incorporating all features into an effective effort to avail a concise, transparent and appealing brand identity.

Understanding Brand Identity Prisms




The recognizable physical aspect of your brand this can be the logo color scheme package along with the online space for which your brand dwell.

Personality or Brand Character

The way your brand communicate with the outside world, specifically a type of voice, font, designs down, or celebrity endorsement.

Brand Culture

The value system or basic principles on which brand base it’s behavior.

Brand relationship.

The relationship between people that a Brand might symbolize.

Brandon Reflection

refers to the reflection of your current customer. The brands most stereotypical buyer marketing operatives can target several markets or customers this represent the top type of buyer.

Self image

is the customers ideal self the mirror that the target person holds up to himself marketers can draw up a strategy and approach using this information.

In his so-called brand identity prism Jean Noel Kapferer identifies 6 aspects of brand identity: physique, personality, culture, relationship, reflection, and self image.

The six aspects are divided over two dimensions The constructed source vs. the constructed receiver a well presented brand has to be able to be seen as a person (constructed source) physique and personality and also as a stereotypical user or (constructed receiver) reflection and self image

Externalization versus Internalization

A brand has social aspects that define its external expression Externalization physique, relationship and reflection.  Aspects that are incorporated into the brand itself Internalization personality, culture, and self image.

Logo Ideas For Norman Smith Enterprises

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