Who are we?

Designers, Marketing, Branding agents with a passion for helping small businesses achieve success. To date we’ve helped over 100 businesses | Projects lift off the ground with Marketing, Planning, Brand Awareness, and e-commerce. 

  • Marketing | Management
  • Brand Personality
  • Public Relations
  • Event Management
  • Promotions
  • Music Management
  • Multimedia | Photography

We are committed to managing projects responsibly and building rapport in ways that earn the trust and respect of our clients, partners, and neighbors. IGN World Media provides an array of useful services that include:

• Web Development
• Website Design | Storyboarding
• Social Media Management Media Mgmt


We Have The BEST Clients

“Keith is phenomenal!”

“He works hard to ensure you are pleased with his work. I needed a new website; Keith created one WAY beyond my expectations! I strongly suggest hiring him for your branding needs.”
Dr. Janelle Simmons

The Curvy Doc

“Very Knowledgeable Staff”

“They took their time to explain everything I needed to beat the competition. Now I’m making MORE money with my e-commerce store!”

The Cosign Approach

“Keith and Kia are the Winning Team”

“They are a bright creative couple who’s work speak volume. Always encouraging and always fun to be around”

Norman Smith Enterprises INC

“Keith is Always Professional”

“He always have intelligent kind words of encouragement that helped me get to my next level.”

K Geiger

VPCS Training Institute